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Director of Geoscience

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Mr. Reasnor is a licensed Professional Geologist with over twenty years of experience in the upstream oil and gas industry. His experience includes Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), Development Geology, Conventional/Unconventional Exploration, and A&D evaluation. He is specialized in Petrophysics, Log Analysis, and Seismic Interpretation. He has testified in multiple oil and gas commission hearings and has participated in oil and gas lease sales. His past leadership roles include Lead Explorationist, Geological Advisor and Manager.

Upon discovering an asset scale field in 2003, Mr. Reasnor was among a small number of technical professionals

chosen to become a mentee to the Fellows of Technology at Chevron. He later held the title of Subject Matter Expert in Open-Hole Logging while at ConocoPhillips, where he was also the Lead Geologist on the Western Division A&D Team. Mr. Reasnor was later responsible for dozens of successful Bakken exploration wells drilled by ConocoPhillips and SM Energy during the exploration phase of the Bakken play. In recent years, Mr. Reasnor has demonstrated a high rate of success in discovering many conventional oil fields in the Powder River Basin and served as the Geological Advisor to the Powder River Basin division of Chesapeake Energy during their bankruptcy transition.

US Carbon Capture solutions was founded in-part on the philosophy that subsurface CO2E sequestration will require demonstrated conventional oil and gas exploration success. Demonstrated exploration success in-turn reflects strong fundamental knowledge of subsurface trapping mechanisms, reservoir quality, and reservoir volume. Once underground storage is identified, large capital expenditures will be required to drill wells and build infrastructure. An under-skilled reservoir storage assessment will turn otherwise positive economics upside down.