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U.S. Carbon Capture provides all-inclusive consultation for GHG emission handling with the goal of maximizing profits and minimizing costs for our clients, who are GHG emitters and end-users of GHGs. We leverage synergies between our clients and end-users and access all available government incentives to the benefit of our clients. Our consulting services include up-front alternative design scenarios with defensible economic forecasts that aid our clients in selecting their best-fit scenario. Our designs and economic forecasts are created by targeted seasoned professionals in the disciplines of Land and Legal, Finance, Facilities Engineering, Production and Reservoir Engineering, Geology and Geophysics, and Government Contract Procurement. The build-out and implementation phase of our projects are directed by our team in coordination with our client’s needs and direction.

At U.S. Carbon Capture, our significant advantage is in our strategy to find the very best professionals for specific roles. We are experienced professionals that understand that it is a nuanced task to secure land leases and contracts, build pipelines and infrastructure, model economics, assess subsurface reservoir properties, and understand both surface and subsurface fluid properties. We have invested a lot of time to find the right professionals for specific roles. 

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