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Johnathan R. Grammer, CEO of U.S. Carbon Capture, stopped by the podcast, and we talked about one of the key elements in supplying low-cost energy to the world's population: reducing the environmental impact of fossil fuels. It was refreshing talking with Johnathan. He is not here with the end-all solution for implementing the pure renewable energy future overnight. His expertise is helping existing power companies reduce their carbon footprints. This is a more economically sound practice than printing money and causing horrible inflation and economic problems. When looking at the energy markets in the United States, oil, gas, and coal are the primary energy sources. What is the number one argument against them? It is the impact on the environment. Reducing emissions while providing energy is the most cost-efficient way to keep the lower-cost energy to consumers. In our inflationary economical The key to our future is working with all forms of energy, and we need industry thought leaders like Johnathan to bring alternative solutions to the forefront.

Watch the Full Podcast:


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